Coop Seller's Checklist

Before Settlement

  1. Schedule settlement date
  2. Provide National Capital Title & Escrow, llc (NCTE), with the following:
    • Complete seller information request form
    • Copy of existing owner’s title insurance policy
    • Copy of mortgage statement(s) so that we can obtain payoff statement(s)
    • Copy of home owners association fee statement and contact information
  3. Order cooperative resale package and deliver to buyer
  4. If you can not make settlement, please contact NCTE about power of attorney.
  5. Comply with the contract/work with your realtor.


For Settlement

  1. Bring driver’s license or passport (must be current).
  2. Bring keys and any applicable warranties.
  3. Bring original proprietary document, including stock certificate, lease, and ownership contract (if you have a mortgage, these documents may be warehoused with them). If the seller is unable to locate these documents, the co-op will issue substitute ownership documents, provided that the seller completes one of the following requirements as dictated by board policy:
    • provide an affidavit of loss
    • purchase a bond in favor of the co-op to indemnity it and the buyer against loss
    • initiate a suit for quiet title; both the bond and the suit for quiet title are costly measures
    The purpose of these actions is to ensure that the seller's ownership interest has not been conveyed or pledged to a third party. If the seller, as collateral security for a note or share loan, has pledged the proprietary documents, then the note holder or lender releases the documents upon payoff and returns them to the co-op.