Residential Borrower's Checklist For Refinance

Before Settlement:

  1. Schedule the settlement date and time
  2. Sign payoff authorization including social security number
  3. Provide National Capital Title & Escrow, llc (NCTE), with the following:
    • Mailing address (specify if different from subject property address), phone numbers, and e-mail address
    • Copy of owner’s title insurance policy issued upon purchase of property
    • Copy of survey issued upon purchase of property (N/A for condos/coops)
    • Copy of mortgage statement(s) so that we can obtain payoff statement(s)
    • Copy of statements for any additional debts being paid as part of settlement
  4. If you can not make settlement, please contact NCTE about power of attorney.
  5. Complete settlement form


For Settlement:

  1. Bring driver’s license or passport (must be current)
  2. Bring money due at settlement: a cashier’s check is usually accepted; a wire may be required.
    • Please contact NCTE for details. Cashier’s checks should be made payable to National Capital Title and Escrow, llc.
    • The borrower should bring a checkbook in case additional amounts are required. If the cashier’s check is over the amount needed, a refund can be issued at the closing.
    • In cases where we cannot get you the exact figure for closing, the borrower should use the good faith estimate given by the realtor for the cashier’s check amount.