Residential Buyer's Checklist

Before Settlement:

  1. Provide National Capital Title & Escrow, llc (NCTE), a copy of the signed and ratified contract of sale, which should specify a date by which settlement must occur.
  2. Schedule the settlement date and time.
  3. Provide NCTE full legal names and social security numbers. Tell us what names are to be on the deed.
  4. Provide marital status and tenancy type:
    • Tenants by the Entirety (if one person dies, the property automatically goes to the surviving spouse; this is only available to married couples)
    • Tenants in Common (each person has an defined percentage of interest in the property, and, upon death, each person determines who is the beneficiary of his or her interest)
    • Joint Tenants With Right of Survivorship (if one person dies, the property automatically goes to the survivor)
  5. If you are married in the District of Columbia and your spouse is not going to be on the deed, he or she may have to sign a waiver of “dower rights.”
  6. Provide contact addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails and keep us aware of any changes
  7. If you can not make settlement, please contact NCTE about power of attorney
  8. Schedule home inspection, if applicable
  9. Schedule termite/pest inspection (may be scheduled by real estate agent)
  10. Apply for your loan
  11. If funds are due at closing, we prefer to have funds wired into our escrow account. Please call us for instructions at 301-948-2300. If a wire is not possible, please bring certified funds/cashier's check payable to National Capital Title and Escrow, llc.
  12. Fax a copy of the good faith estimate to NCTE, including lender’s closing costs, to receive a draft HUD-1 settlement statement
  13. Provide proof of homeowner’s insurance and proof of payment (not applicable for condos and cooperatives)


For Settlement:

  1. Bring driver’s license or passport (must be current)
  2. Bring money due at settlement: a cashier’s check is usually accepted; a wire may be required.
    • Please contact NCTE for details. Cashier’s checks should be made payable to National Capital Title and Escrow, llc.
    • The buyer should bring a checkbook in case additional amounts are required. If the cashier’s check is over the amount needed, a refund can be issued at the closing.
    • In cases where we cannot get you the exact figure for closing, the buyer should use the good faith estimate given by the realtor for the cashier’s check amount.