Residential Seller's Checklist

Before Settlement:

  1. Schedule settlement date
  2. Provide National Capital Title & Escrow, llc (NCTE), with the following:
    • Complete seller information request form
    • Copy of existing owner’s title insurance policy
    • Copy of current mortgage statement(s), including contact information, so that we can obtain payoff statement(s)
    • Copy of current real estate property tax bill
    • Copy of most recent water and sewer bills, with evidence of payment
    • Copy of home owners association fee statement and contact information (if applicable)
    • Copy of owner’s title insurance policy issued upon purchase of property
  3. Order condo resale package and deliver to buyer
  4. If you can not make settlement, please contact NCTE about power of attorney.
  5. Comply with the contract/work with your realtor.


For Settlement:

  1. Bring driver’s license or passport (must be current).
  2. Bring keys and any applicable warranties.